4 Reasons People Get Landscaping Around Their Pools in Brisbane

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Landscaping around a swimming pool has a number of benefits. A lot of home residents look to getting a swimming pool installed in order to add value to their homes, and create a recreational haven. Landscaping is a secondary consideration in people’s minds, however if a pool is going to be installed, a buyer should look into the reasons to get landscaping around their pools in Brisbane.

If a pool is installed by the same contractor who can also perform the landscaping design and construction, time and money can be saved, and the most optimal design for both pool and garden can be implemented.

Landscaping Around Your Brisbane Pool Adds to the Aesthetic Appeal

A pool with a plain fence, and some concrete around the pool as a surrounds is quite unappealing and uninviting. A beautifully landscaped and aesthetically appealing garden placed with care in design invites people to go out, contemplate and relax by the pool after long difficult days. Foliage around the pool provides shade and protection to the people using the pool and also provides a soft juxtaposition of lush contrast against the hard lines of stone and pool decking.

Low maintenance, hardy plants that add to the visual appeal of the swimming pool create an environment where people can relax and unwind. This increases the use of the pool, into evenings where the pool and landscaping forms a pleasant backdrop for parties and drinks. Landscaping can integrate fire pits and casual relaxed seating, and enjoyable afternoons and weekends poolside can make a house feel like a permanent holiday home.

Landscaping around a pool can aesthetically make a house feel like a permanent vacation destination. Different themed landscaping can also transport the pool users to a destination type environment that facilitates total relaxation.

Hiding Pool Filtration Systems

People with existing pools who have large ungainly filtration systems; or who have recently purchased a house with a swimming pool and want to improve the appearance of the pool area can look at getting landscaping to hide the equipment. Landscaping can be designed and constructed in order to maximise the use of the outdoor areas of a home, and when a pool is already present, can significantly improve the aesthetics of the area.

To update a look, landscaping is a perfect way to hide pool maintenance machinery, and create a more modern outlook. If a pool is being installed at a property, integrating the landscaping to purposefully camouflage large and unsightly filtration equipment is a logical choice.

Create more privacy for users of the pool

Landscaping around a swimming pool has a number of benefits.Landscaping around a pool not only improves the aesthetic value, but enables for the provision of greater privacy for users of the pool. Laser cut privacy screens and lush thick foliage creates a place of seclusion and away from prying eyes of neighbours.

When landscaping is constructed around a swimming pool and enables more peacefulness and a lack of disturbance from neighbours and onlookers, enjoyment of the pool area significantly increases.

Encourages Relaxation by Extending Use of Pool with Outdoor Room

A swimming pool that has landscaping installed around it, and includes provision for an outdoor room, invites more year round use, even in slightly damp or cold weather. An outdoor room can extend the use of the pool, by integrating a firepit, an outdoor kitchen and powder room. Comfortable lounges and guest convenience facilities allow for day-long relaxation, and extended time at home enjoying recreational time in the back yard.


There are may valid reasons that people install landscaping around their swimming pools in Brisbane. These include increasing privacy, hiding pool filtration equipment, improving the aesthetics and extending the use of the pool to be a recreational venue for home residents, guests and family. Pools are a valuable asset in a family’s life, and promote wellbeing, increase opportunities for relaxation and fitness.

Landscaping around a pool improves its functionality and aesthetic appeal, creating added value to a home.

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