The Importance of Installing Irrigation in Brisbane

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Australia often has long hot dry spells, and neglected plants wither and die from abandonment. Installing an irrigation system, short of solely planting drought tolerant foliage helps to ensure that busy professionals, or travelling executives can still come home to lush foliage. Drought tolerant plants are limited in their appeal and variety. An irrigation system will widen your available choices, whilst still providing a low maintenance and automated set and forget system.

Low-maintenance plants include zamioculcas zamifolia, which is popular also as a house plant, sansaviera trifasciata (snake plant) which are hardy plants, and ficus elastica (rubber tree plant). If you are going to only limit yourself to drought tolerant plants, which require little to no watering, you are missing out on an opportunity to create an incredibly beautiful lush garden with a variety of aesthetically appealing foliage.

Why Install Irrigation Systems Brisbane

Installing an irrigation system, as well as ensuring that your garden stays alive, will also save you a significant amount of money. If you are spending significant amounts of time watering the garden day and night, you are taking time away from other important things you could be doing. If you enjoy gardening, and still want to spend time pruning, planting, weeding and caring for your garden, if you install an irrigation system, you can perform garden maintenance at the same time your garden is being watered.

You will also save considerable amounts of time by having your garden watered on a timed irrigation system. Lawns that are being established require a lot of watering, and an irrigation system will help keep the turf in excellent condition throughout its lifespan.

Watering By Hand

The disadvantages of watering by hand include causing topsoil erosion from the force of the hose in limited places, and over-watering of plants. Watering by hand is inefficient and a contributor of excess water bills. When you install an irrigation system, you have the assurance that the soil structure and nutrients will stay intact and won’t be forcefully washed away.

An irrigation system may seem like a significant investment, however it will quickly have a return on your investment in it, by saving you time, saving you heartache and grief over replacing dead plants, saving you money by preventing an overuse of water, and by ensuring that your garden is still maintained while you are away.

Particular types of drip irrigation systems are also approved for use to water gardens, especially vegetable gardens and fruit trees, when there are water restrictions applied. Irrigation systems are both convenient, labour saving and suitable for all types of gardens. They should be installed as part of a landscaping design in order to preserve the garden, so allowing for this in the budget should be considered.

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