Simple Ways to Care for Your Lawn and Turf in Brisbane

lawn care and gardening Brisbane

With a little maintenance and care, from as little as ten minutes every other day, lawn and turf maintenance will be simplified and keep ground cover in excellent condition. Some simple ways to retain grass in excellent condition include:


By removing weeds from amongst your lawn, and performing this on an every-other day basis, it ensures that the turf will thrive. It also reduces the need to spray the lawn with weed killer, and reducing chemicals in the garden helps promote better health in the environment.

Regular routine maintenance prevents weeds from getting out of hand. Whilst removing weeds, check the moisture levels of the soil.


The moisture levels of the soil underneath the grass will give you a guide as to whether or not you will need to water the lawn. If the lawn foliage is starting to wilt, this is a good indicator of it needing hydration. A soaking every so often, with a check in the moisture level will keep the lawn looking its best.

Garden Beds

Quickly checking all of your garden beds around the lawn, and removing grass runners will ensure that the gardens stay weed free. It keeps the ground cover tidy, and under control. A few minutes of maintenance reduces the need for large-scale tidying and weed removal.


Fertilising your lawn when necessary will help keep your turf in excellent shape, and feed it the nutrients it needs for good health. It will keep it lush and green, and flourishing. Trimming the lawn to an appropriate length when necessary will keep everything neat.

A minimal amount of maintenance on a daily, and weekly basis, encourages people to get outside and enjoy their garden and improve their health by spending time out of doors.

Some lawn problems can be caused by poor maintenance, such as a lack of trimming edges. This promotes runners growing into gardens, and looks unkempt. Leaving clippings and leaves on the lawn will cause yellowing and dying patches of lawn. It is better to remove the clippings and leaves off the lawn in order to prevent unhealthy patches of lawn.

Soil pH can have an adverse effect on lawn growth if not monitored. Having the pH adjusted prior to installing new turf will ensure that the lawn will take to the area and grow. A landscaping company can ensure that the area is prepared correctly prior to the laying down of turf.

Choosing the right variety of lawn suitable for its purpose will choke out any weeds that may potentially grow. Consult with a landscaping professional in order to get the right ground cover established in your garden.

Other problems that can be prevented in the lawn including sparse growth can be caused from areas that are too shady. A lawn that is a high traffic area requires plenty of sunlight in order to promote growth. Infrequent mowing can cause the grass to become unruly. Regular mowing can keep the lawn in the best possible state.

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