Project Description

Wilston Pool & Roof Top City Gardens.

City architecture and high rise buildings traditionally offer very little in the way of enjoyment of an outdoor environment. A unique solution, and offering of lifestyle upgrade was delivered in the realisation of this rooftop pool and garden. Unique challenges are presented in engineering rooftop pools, and creating a sense of aesthetics from the top of an urban structure, but one could be forgiven for thinking they were in a natural garden.

City Views

Nestled away is this secluded delight, which takes advantages of the outlying views. Residents and guests who dabble in the rooftop terrace are offered all of the delights of a green space. The pool, a tranquil reminder of both relaxation and enjoyment offers both an artful complement to the modern styling of the entertainment courtyard and all-weather outdoor room.

Modern and stylish, this rooftop garden offers a plethora of luxe and opportunity for revitalisation in the great outdoors, nestled securely in amongst city views.