Project Description

Taringa Escapes .

Outdoor rooms are the raison d’etre of the Queensland lifestyle. As a culture drawn to the fresh air and bucolic surroundings, the importance of a personal and private space is increasingly of priority. Business professionals, corporate executives, capitalists and entrepreneurs alike, who lead lives that are surrounded by concrete pylons and the stifling central business district atmosphere feel relief in familiar and safe environs. The trend towards seeking to create that escape from the feeling of pressure and demand, right within the home is what is evoked here in this Taringa haven.

Soothing Spaces

Everscapes not only creates incredibly soothing spaces, but help design a healing lifestyle in the comfort and familiarity of a home. Both practical in terms of its usability, but also tending towards the aesthetic for moments of contemplation, this space at Taringa was imagined with versatility and comfort as a focus.