Project Description

Roman Baths

For two millennia, the Roman Baths have evoked feelings of sumptuousness, indulgence and grandeur. Their classical styling has remained as a consistent reference to design throughout the last two thousand years since the height of the Roman Empire. To integrate the luxury of what was once a publicly accessible yet necessary part of ancient daily life in the seclusion of one’s own home has been implement in this Roman Bath landscape.

Mood Lighting

A hint of modernisation from the mood lighting in the pool, to the semi-circular stone seating around the fire hearth, this sumptuous design caters to the whimsy of the resident who truly seeks a lifestyle outdoor area on a grand scale. Elegant stone statues, reminiscent of the glory of the Roman Empire dot the smooth stone surfaces, and the hearth at the end of the pool marks a magnificent feature to act as a focal point in the design.