Project Description

Paddington Paradise .

The place of gathering: the fire pit – it is a place of story telling, camaraderie, giving counsel and wisdom, and where relationships are forged and bonded. Beautifully compelling, this aesthetically focused fire pit at the hub of the design theme of this Paddington Paradise was built with the social life of the residents in mind. Each piece individually placed, the free form stones in light tones build up to a stepped height. The fire bowl is placed atop the structured pit, and the raised focus of the fire creates an ambience of warmth and tranquility.

Element of Fire

Juxtaposed with the element of fire, is the cool soothing element of water. The placement of the infinity pool is situated adjacent to the gathering place, and gently invites people to plunge into its depths. The edge of the pool overlooks a panoramic view of the city. This incredible outdoor space is a deluxe environs.