Project Description

Native Chandler.

Lifestyle living in Chandler demanded a low maintenance yet thriving landscape of native influence. Stepping through the modern styled gateway, this suburban premises becomes a natural reflection of Australian landscape. Stones are collected in a metal grating formed into a feature retainer wall, offsetting the softscaping of the gardens behind. With ample vegetation spread around rock mulch and bark, this design by Everscapes offers a place for quiet contemplation whilst viewing from the front deck of the home.

Attracting Native Birds

With native gardens comes the opportunity to draw the delight of birds and other creatures that dwell in Australian native forests. A bird bath near the outdoor living space encourages a multitude of colourful birds in the morning and evening, adding to the delight of this front greenspace. The garden is visible from the street, adding to the exquisite visual appeal of the home, that combines modern architecture with luxury modern native landscaping.