Project Description

Iconic Hanworth House.

A Queensland icon, historic Hanworth House, a luxury accommodation option for visitors to Brisbane, was treated with delicate old world charm in the re-envisioning of the landscaped gardens. Classic elegance, ample flora and lots of contemplative green spaces were du jour. With style reminiscent of Hampton chic, lots of white and rich emeralds abound in the soft landscaping. A softly tufted greenscape of lawn invites visitors to Hanworth House to rest and layabout enjoying an afternoon of reading or genteel social chat.

Glory of Days Gone By

Simple, yet understated opulence, and reminiscent of the glory of days gone by, the landscape at Hanworth House was lovingly designed and laid out by the dedicated team at Everscapes. From the flowering vines in rich colours, to the featured stone walls of the raised garden beds, every single detail adds to the sheer enjoyment of this garden.