Project Description

Chelmer Fire Pit

The delicate climate of the Mediterranean countries, and the poignant evocation of soothing space centres around the central courtyard in this Chelmer residence. From the epicentre of this design, the large cauldron where fires grace the landscape and dance in the evening, a sprawl of sea craving culture merges forth.

Place of Gathering

A courtyard is a place of gathering, and seclusion. To sit and watch the flames dance, to meditate and soak in the space of this design is a treat. Unsurpassed in its original concept, the offset design of the diamond laid pavers with green and cream tonal finish evoke calm and a sense of lingering.

Laser cut screens with designs sit in front of mood lighting, and raised garden beds with a stucco finish in complementing colours are juxtaposed with the lavish Mediterranean style plantings. Moving from the courtyard, one can enter the space of the pool, a delicate touch of designed luxury that is offset to the opulent architecture in this residence.