Project Description

Carindale Lagoon.

The surrounds of this magnificent lagoon pool are reminiscent of a five star resort hotel. The pavilion overlooking the garden and aquatic recreation area promote soothing distractions from everyday life stresses. Reading, listening to stringed instrumental music, sipping sparkling drinks poolside and light hearted evening soirees all unfold under the roof of this outdoor room. With gorgeous timber decking, and an outdoor dining area, poolside weekend meals and outdoor recreation are enjoyed in this Carindale garden.

The designers at Everscapes placed suitable vegetation that is salt resistant, and stone pavers and natural lines complement the design of the salt water pool. Different depths of the lagoon allow for smaller members of the family to paddle and enjoy the water whilst under the watchful eye of adults.

A truly leisurely design, with resort atmosphere, this home is now complete for the residents, who can enjoy their sumptuous lifestyle right in the comfort of their very own sanctuary