Project Description

Bali In Kenmore Hills.

Guests to this home would be forgiven for thinking they required passports enter in to this straight from Bali paradise. Being transported through the portals of the gates into this incredible garden allows the executive commute and business of the work day to fade away into non-existence. Every day in this incredible garden is a tropical vacation.

Mini-breaking in their own home, the residents wanted to bring the exotic locale of Bali realised in their own dominion. Paradise is revealed in the every square metre of this beautifully landscaped green space, from the plush lawns, to the mood lighting, to the cool tranquil waters of the plunge pool.

Soft accents from the metallic outdoor cushions, and the hardwood deck look out over the scene of perfect tranquility. Relaxation combined with a sense of getting away from it all are evoked in this landscape design created by Everscapes.