Project Description

Ashgrove Pool and Garden.

Multiple levels of lifestyle lavishness dot the landscape of this formerly sloping site. Viewing across the incredible panoramic view of the city, the secluded privacy of this garden is enhanced by luscious foliage and decorative laser cut screens. Careful thought has been given to making use of every single part of this once difficult site, and now it is a lifestyle haven of delight.

A plump and green turf rolling out from the home pulls residents and guests to the outdoors, and then the view of the pool that frames the panoramic view of the city invites restoration and playful moments. Relaxation is sublime in the details of the outdoor shelter, featuring an architectural wave form roof, with bespoke curves. A powder room, and refreshment serving area is thoughtfully added for the convenience and comfort of residents and guests.

From the outdoor room, children and adults alike can sprawl forth into the spaces where dedication of thought and pragmatism have fused with intelligent design. A playspace adjunct to a private adult area, with fire pit, carefully crafted storage and wood storage function as comfortable bench seating.

Truly a magnificent space has been designed and implemented here, which offers many moments of pure indulgence and enjoyment for the delighted residents