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Domestic landscape design is as much science as it is an art form. When contracting a residential landscape architect in Brisbane, a client can feel comfortable knowing that the designer will be familiar with all of the requirements in bringing out the best of the landscape. The design and construction of a landscape garden, particularly in Brisbane requires years of training, expertise and experience in applying the principles of best landscaping practice.

The Process.

The residential landscape architects in Brisbane work with the client, and where possible with architects and builders in the realisation of creating home sanctuaries in residential applications. The one contractor to handle design and construction of landscape projects and adjunct pool installation is best.

Landscape designing with Everscapes is an immersive experience.

From the moment you call us and start talking about your project we are working with you and your ideas to make your dream garden a reality. We ask you questions to determine your expectations to achieve the best outcome for you within your budget.

Some projects lend themselves to be fast tracked and others need to be on the drawing board for longer. We can help you determine which process works best for you.

Fast track: get the design done in a day

Step 1. Site Measure: To ensure we get the design right, we need a survey. It saves time and money when it comes to construction.

What to expect:

· Our in house survey team visits the site to accurately survey the site. This includes levels. No need to be home if they can access the yard easily. They will call you to arrange a time that suits you, typically a week or two before the design day.

Step 2. Design Day

What to expect:

· our design team will arrive on site. They will spend the first 20 minutes listening to you.

· Designers start building a concept for your space with you, asking your opinion, listening to your ideas as the concept evolves. Once a concept is agreed upon they get to work on the drawings.

· Each designer is given an area to work on, they pull out the base plans and start drawing. As the drawings take shape you will be involved in material, shapes, styles and plant selection.

· If a pool is required the pool designer will arrive once the basic layout is settled, likewise our building designer will arrive if required.

· We cater for the team and yourselves. The more we get to know you, the more the garden will reflect you, so spend this time with us.

· After lunch the work continues and our estimator arrives. The estimator will start to cost the project as the finishing details are put on the plans. By the end of the day you will have a rough idea of the cost of the project.

At the end of the day you will receive:

1. printed copy of the plan (scanned and printed from the hand drawings)

2. initial estimate for the project/ budget projections

3. Initial specifications

4. Bill of quantity

5. Initial planting plan

By 8 days will receive :

1. 3D render of the project to help you visualize the finished product

2. the full estimate, electronically and a meeting with estimator

3. electronic copy of the plans

4. complete bill of quantity

5. complete specifications

6. complete planting plan

Traditional Landscape Design: 6 to 8 weeks

If you like more time to think about things then our traditional design process will suit you.

Stage 1: Design Consultation- two designers for up to 2 hours $330.

What to expect

· Designers listen to your ideas, wants and needs.

· Discussion with client about possible concept.

· Once the concept is agreed upon the designers will determine the fee for the full plans to be drawn up.

· After the consultation you will receive a design brief which outlines the agreed concept and the quote for the design work.

· No drawings at his stage.

Stage 2: Drawing

If you love our ideas and just want to get the design done in a day we can organize a fast track day for you.

Alternatively we can work with you through a slower paced design process.

· A site measure is arranged and base plan created.

· The concept is modelled in 3D

· The 3D model and hardscape plans are shown to you for your approval

· Once the hardscape is approved, we detail the plans. Plan details include, finishes, hard scape detailing, planting plan, furniture recommendations if required. Construction drawings can only be provided for Everscapes construction teams.

· Final presentation of the plan in 3D CAD

· 3D video render

Stage 3: Estimation

· The design is sent to our estimators for a detailed estimate.

· The estimator will meet with you and go through the estimate.

· Changes to the plan can be made.

Pool & Landscape Design

Everscapes has in-house pool designers who provide pool services; they design and construct all aspects of outdoor living with the unique needs of the Queensland life in mind. Southern states in Australia follow a lot of European trends, but landscape designers in Brisbane have to be mindful of the climate and tendency for people living in Queensland to spend more time outdoors.

Project Design Management

A client can simply consult with one team who will then project manage and organise all resources, timeline and budgets. This helps the design to be implemented in the best manner, avoiding costly mistakes, double handling and cost blowouts. When an entire team is managed by one landscaping enterprise, then any issues the client has can be handled with expedience.

“Creative Spaces by Creative People”

A lot of clients can appreciate the beauty of a garden and a well thought out exterior, and have always admired the appeal of outdoor features in popular magazines and television programs. It is possible to bring the appeal of those beautifully featured gardens into the tranquillity and peace of their own residences. Having a bespoke pool and outdoor design that complements their home adds significant value and can make life far more enjoyable.

In Brisbane, Queensland, Everscapes who have won multiple awards can do landscaping and garden projects.

3D Walk Through

We also can produce a 3D walk through that allows the client to experience the landscape design virtually before the job is commenced.

An actual landscape architect drawing.

A Landscape plan for a Brisbane home.


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