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Domestic landscape design is as much science as it is an art form. When contracting a residential landscape architect in Brisbane, a client can feel comfortable knowing that the designer will be familiar with all of the requirements in bringing out the best of the landscape. The design and construction of a landscape garden, particularly in Brisbane requires years of training, expertise and experience in applying the principles of best landscaping practice.

The Process.

The residential landscape architects in Brisbane work with the client, and where possible with architects and builders in the realisation of creating home sanctuaries in residential applications. The one contractor to handle design and construction of landscape projects and adjunct pool installation is best.

  • Step 1


    – Design consultation and visual creation.

    • $330 for 1.5-2 hour consultation. (Paid in advance)

    What does the client get.

    1. Visual description and written design concept. Maximum area is 13mx17m (this is what fits into an A3 anymore is too much designing in one hit)
    2. Overall budget for job.
    3. If there is a Pool you will receive a 1:50 scaled hand drawing of the pool design.
    4. A quote will be emailed for the next detailed design stage.

    General timeline of the consult.

    • 0-20 mins Listen to clients wants and needs while walking around site.
    • 20-60 mins Consultant explains overall vision based off clients discussion.
    • 1- 1.45 hr Excel budget and any pool designs if required.
    • 1.45-2 hr Site photos.


  • Step 2

    Concept design (To be paid in advance)

    Once a payment has been made an appoinment is scheduled to meet in our showroom to go over the revitt model.

    – Draft Conceptual design(s) to be discussed and amended if required with continued client feedback.

  • Planting plan

    – Planting plans and schedules indicating species and quantities.

  • Final plans

    РMaster plan  Features, materials and finishes specified.

    • $2,500 – $10,000 (Average price range $4,400)
  • Budget approval

    – Quote presentation. Quantities and takeoffs. (Usually 1-2 hours)

    As soon as plans are complete, client meet up is scheduled 1-2 weeks after plans for presentation.

  • Final Step

    Once Contract is signed, engineering & certification commence.

Pool & Landscape Design

Everscapes has in-house pool designers who provide pool services; they design and construct all aspects of outdoor living with the unique needs of the Queensland life in mind. Southern states in Australia follow a lot of European trends, but landscape designers in Brisbane have to be mindful of the climate and tendency for people living in Queensland to spend more time outdoors.

Project Design Management

A client can simply consult with one team who will then project manage and organise all resources, timeline and budgets. This helps the design to be implemented in the best manner, avoiding costly mistakes, double handling and cost blowouts. When an entire team is managed by one landscaping enterprise, then any issues the client has can be handled with expedience.

“Creative Spaces by Creative People”

A lot of clients can appreciate the beauty of a garden and a well thought out exterior, and have always admired the appeal of outdoor features in popular magazines and television programs. It is possible to bring the appeal of those beautifully featured gardens into the tranquillity and peace of their own residences. Having a bespoke pool and outdoor design that complements their home adds significant value and can make life far more enjoyable.

In Brisbane, Queensland, Everscapes who have won multiple awards can do landscaping and garden projects.

3D Walk Through

We also can produce a 3D walk through that allows the client to experience the landscape design virtually before the job is commenced.

An actual landscape architect drawing.

A Landscape plan for a Brisbane home.


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