The Five Most Suitable Plants For Brisbane

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The following information is provided for general use, plants that have been selected by a landscape designer will always be a better choice. For a detailed consultation click here or call 07 3069 3231.

Brisbane has a subtropical climate that lends itself to certain types of plants. Here are a following series of plants that are suitable for Brisbane gardens. The list includes trees, shrubs, perennials, ground cover, and flowering plants.


One of the best trees, and an iconic feature in Brisbane is the Poinciana tree. With flowering foliage ranging from yellow to red, it is best suited to a corner of the garden where it will provide a large amount of shade. It is a strikingly visual tree, and featured in large ornamental gardens.

Another beautiful flowering tree suitable for the Brisbane region is the Weeping Lilly Pilly. These magnificent trees grow up to five metres and have glossy green leaves with fluffy pom-pom white flowers in the warmer seasons followed by red berries. They prefer sunny positions and well-drained soil is preferable.


The grevillea, a versatile plant, can be used for a variety of purposes in a Brisbane garden. These include being used as a flowering plant, for screening and windbreaks, for shade, groundcover, attracting wildlife to the garden and suit the low-water and harsh conditions experienced in Brisbane. Grevilleas are attractive flowering plants, with ferny leaves and a variety of colours.

The box leaf honeysuckle is another attractive plant recommended for growing in south-east Queensland. They are excellent for topiaries, formal hedges and mass plantings. They are native to China and Korea, and provide all round green foliage, and suit cottage, formal, Mediterranean and oriental designs. They are hardly and grow well in the Brisbane area.

Ground covers and Ferns

The cut leaf daisy is best grown in full sun, blooming with purple daisy flowers throughout the year. It is suitable for rockeries, mass plantings, pots, hanging baskets and borders. Mass plantings of this native Australian perennial will create effective ground cover, and is available in a range of colours. They grow in a variety of soils, and are extremely hardy. Pruning is frequently recommended and it grows well in Brisbane as a flowering plant.

For gardeners keen on oriental gardens, a Japanese plant that grows well in the Brisbane climate (and coastal areas) is the Japanese Sago Palm. A lush fern, with uses in pots, large planters and as garden accents, it does require a more moist soil type. They can be implemented well in different styles of landscape design, including tropical, Mediterranean, oriental, formal, contemporary and coastal types. They thrive under warm low sun to dappled light, so partially shady areas, including courtyards should have these plants thriving with the right attention.

Different plants are selected for particular types of gardens, and are chosen according to the amount of maintenance required, soil type recommended, their suitability for the area and how they will be planted. Different plants can add a variety of interest in different types of landscape designs, including size of the foliage, types of scents, shade, height, contrast and suitability for the area. A landscape designer will choose the botanical aspects of the garden in consultation with the client and knowledge of what is suitable for the purpose and the aesthetics.

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