We love our clients, we love our team…yep all of them…and we love doing what we do. We want to keep doing what we do in a safe and sustainable manner while providing the utmost care and professionalism in Landscaping to all involved. We’re taking every precaution and following all safety measures and recommendations given to us by our governing bodies so we can contribute to the slow of Covid 19 in Brisbane and Australia.
  • All of our meetings have been moved to phone or Skype/Zoom
  • Our design team design from home and if required will contact you for access to your property.
  • Our construction team follow strict health and safety guidelines that include the use of gloves and PPE as needed.
  • No “in person” contact with a property owner. It’s vital to ensure the safety of all of us that this is adhered to.
  • Your foreman will inform you via text of the works planned for the day. At the end of shift they’ll inform you via text as to whats been done.
  • Our project manager Andrew oversees all Everscapes projects, he also liaises with our partner company Infinity Pool Builders. He will be in regular contact with you throughout your project via Zoom, phone or email.
  • Our teams clean your site every day to ensure a safe environment for your family and also to ensure it is safe should we be required to stop work.
We will continue to monitor the situation and comply with all government requirements. We will do whatever is within our ability to complete your project under the new restrictions we are all working under. We have no plans to scale down. We are here for the long haul, work with us and we will all be better for it.
If we are required to stop work we will be in touch with you to advise you on any maintenance required to keep it ready for when the world gets back to “normal” and we can get back on site and complete it for you.
We are a company thats been around for nearly 20 years, it started with a wheel barrow and a handful of tools. Now its a team of professionals, all committed to doing our best for you.

Everscapes Landscaping Brisbane

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“Creative Spaces by Creative People”

A landscaping company, Everscapes was founded in 2002 as a small horticultural company, formerly known as A&R Evergreen. Everscapes focuses on creating sanctuaries for clients in their home environments. With increasingly busy lifestyles, Everscapes recognises that their customers want and need their home environments & landscapes to be a peaceful escape. A private outdoor abode, away from the demands of busy professional careers is designed by Everscapes for their customers.

Brisbane Landscapers

Everscapes consults individually with clients, and creates bespoke landscaping environments that seamlessly merge the outdoor life with the indoors of a home. inviting the client and their family into their own private oasis. With an emphasis on the creation of sustainable, beautiful, functional and private spaces, each design is unique and created specifically for each person.

Based in Brisbane, Everscapes serves as a facilitator for clients in the quest for lifestyle design. Lifestyle design encapsulates organising life around holistic principles and preserves harmony, peace and health in the home.

With attention to detail, and truly understanding client needs, we are in the best position to serve our clients. We have won many awards from our designs, and our client testimonials attest to our exceptional service. Not only does Everscapes design outdoor environments for clients in Brisbane and south-east Queensland, they do landscape design for clients in Sydney and Melbourne also.

Everscapes is also able to design and install infinity pools that are purpose-designed to merge with the Brisbane landscape, and engineered to take the best advantage of a site layout. If a client has a sloping steep block, Everscapes is more than capable of creating a pool that other companies would deem impossible to build. While a client is considering a landscape design, having a pool installed by the same contractor will save many thousands of dollars.
Everscapes is well recognised through being featured in television and many design, home and gardening magazines. See our Gallery here.

Unique High Technology Consultation Process

We specialise throughout South-East Queensland and beyond in:

Through our unique synergistic relationships with our customers, we can design a garden panorama through our unique technology. We have software that can render a design in 3D, allowing our clients to visualise their future home outdoor oasis prior to its commencement.

Through our process, we can alleviate any headaches associated with necessary changes as all the decisions are carried out virtually, allowing for a truly authentic design. A quotation is then prepared once the landscape plan is approved.

Compliance and Quality

To ensure a high quality experience for our clients, we have quality project management protocols. We are fully insured and are adherent to all of the relevant industry standards. We hold all necessary licensing, and are members of the Queensland Landscapers Association. All members of our staff are fully qualified, and our trainees and apprentices are immersed in advanced training and ongoing education.

We have a strong work ethic, focus on quality and take pride in our work. We are truly a strong company. We were founded to give our clients the most magnificent outdoor environments in the sanctuary of their own homes.


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